Thursday, February 4, 2010

Suppressed hopes rising

"The prophetic imagination knows that the real world is the one that has its beginning and dynamic in the promising speech of God and that this is true even in a world where kings have tried to banish all speech but their own. The task of prophetic imagination and ministry is to bring to public expression those very hopes and yearnings that have been denied so long and suppressed so deeply that we no longer know they are there."
--Walter Brueggemann, The Prophetic Imagination, quoted in Luke Gascho, Creation Care: Keepers of the Earth.

"It's a race to stay alive, baby, it's lawyers tax and steel
'Til the life that you are living is the thing you never feel"
--Mark Heard, "Long Way Down," Satellite Sky.


Johan said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog regarding my entry at the Jesus Creed blog.
I've chosen to blog in Dutch as translating every entry would be a little too much work and on my last blog I turned out to not have any English readers. But you were correct in that I am writing about the switch from creationism to evolutionism. I read some very interesting pieces on your own blog about subjects I have to admit I haven't given much thought yet (e.g. the nature of the fall: the view of that as a gradual event is something to chew on). I liked your point in the post about atheism, that God seems concerned with telling us that He cares for us and loves us, and that we can trust him. Just like you I have never heard or received a word from God pertaining to origins.
I will follow your blog to read your thoughts on the compatibility of evolution and christian faith! It's really inspiring.
I can also e-mail you a short recapitulation in English of my blog posts on evolution. E-mail me at JohanKleinHaneveld(at) I know only a few other 'evolutionist creationists' so would appreciate interaction too.


Steve said...

Johan, it's great to hear from you and make your acquaintance. Looking forward to being in touch and hearing more about your own journey.